Wife Trainer Files
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the Cheater

Training Request

From Lauren's Husband :
I recently discovered that my wife Lauren has been cheating on me. At first I was torn as to what to do.

My initial inclination was to divorce her and take her money. She's always been rather career and money focused, and the thought of depriving her of her wealth was somewhat satisfying.

Letting her just walk away from this with nothing more than a financial fine, however, just didn't seem enough.

The thought of her giving it up to another man - or men, I don't know how long this has been going on - when I was always left hanging is galling.

I always had to wait until she was in the mood, not too tired from work, not ditching me for an evening with her friends ... not too exhausted, apparently, from fucking some other guy.

No more. From now on, she's going to be my little slut. Ready and willing to do what I ask of her, when I ask her. I want you to train her, so that when I tell her to get on her knees, I don't get a big fight, I get an obedient little cocksucker.

And the running around on me has to stop. You can make whatever use of her you want, either as part of her training or for your own amusement. But when you're finished, I expect a docile wife who won't step out on me behind my back.


the Cheater
Lauren Image
Model : Dani Daniels
Color : #F90095  

Attracted to Boys


Reputation Required 2
Training Duration 12


Stat Name Initial Suggested
Sense of Self 0 TBD
Desire 0 TBD
Resistance 70 TBD
Submission 0 TBD


Trigger Possible Yes
Session Threshold 7
Resistance Threshold 5
Trigger Phrase(s) Cheaters can't say no