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the Exhibitionist

Training Request

From Jasmine's Husband :
Hey, do you think you could help my wife, [jasmine.name]? She's obsessed with the idea of exposing herself in public.

I've tried to support her. I've taken her out and gave her chances to flash people. She always chickened out. But she won't let it go. Keeps bringing it up, about how exciting it would be, how she wants to be able to do it.

Let me know if you can help. No funny business, though. If you can get her to flash her titties in public, great. But looking is as far as you can go.


the Exhibitionist
Jasmine Image
Model : Lacey Duvalle
Color : #FF8000  

Attracted to Boys


Reputation Required 0
Training Duration 14


Stat Name Initial Suggested
Sense of Self 0 TBD
Desire 0 TBD
Resistance 70 TBD
Submission 0 TBD


Trigger Possible No
Session Threshold 2
Resistance Threshold 5