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the Empty Nester

Training Request

From Donna's Husband :
I'm contacting you in the hopes that you can help my wife, Donna. Our children are grown and have left the home. It's just Donna and I here now.

My health is poor, and I can't be a proper partner for her any more. Not anywhere and certainly not in the bedroom.

I want her to find a lover, someone who can take her out once in a while and show her a good time, but she won't do it. Not so much out of loyalty to me, but because she doesn't feel attractive anymore.

She's agreed to come see you, mostly so that I'll stop bugging her about this. I want you to help her see herself as the beautiful woman she still is.


the Empty Nester
Donna Image
Model : Payton Leigh
Color : #FFA500  

Attracted to Boys


Reputation Required 1
Training Duration 14


Stat Name Initial Suggested
Sense of Self 0 TBD
Desire 0 TBD
Resistance 90 TBD
Submission 0 TBD


Trigger Possible Yes
Session Threshold 4
Resistance Threshold 20
Trigger Phrase(s) Empty nesters have empty heads
Old cunts are obedient cunts