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Becky Sue

the Trailer Trash

Training Request

From Becky Sue's Boyfriend :
I'm hoping you can work on my sugar baby, Becky Sue. She's smoking hot and great in the sack and worth every penny I've spent supporting her for the past few months.

I'm contemplating taking our relationship to something more than a quick bang once a week. It would be nice to have her on my arm at social events instead of my wife, who's getting old and no longer impresses like she once did.

The problem is, Becky Sue has no sense of style and no idea how to carry herself in polite society. She dresses like she was raised in a trailer, which I think she was, and talks like she learned English from foul-mouthed drunks, which she probably did. There's no way I could show her off in her current condition.

I've got a business trip overseas in a few months. If you could work on her and get her to the point where she wouldn't embarrass me, I'd love to take Becky Sue with me and leave my wife at home.

Let me know if this is something you could help me with. She's not available on Thursdays, as that's the day I spend with her, but otherwise she should be available to work with you any other day and weekends.

Becky Sue

the Trailer Trash
Becky Sue Image
Model : Anikka Albrite
Color : #004080  

Attracted to Boys
Can be attracted to Girls


Reputation Required 1
Training Duration 14


Stat Name Initial Suggested
Sense of Self 0 TBD
Desire 0 TBD
Resistance 110 TBD
Submission 0 TBD


Trigger Possible Yes
Session Threshold 8
Resistance Threshold 0
Trigger Phrase(s) Dirt can be treated like dirt