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the Personal Assistant

Training Request

From Alexis' Boss :
You seem like the sort of gentleman who could help me out with a little problem.

I've been assigned a new personal assistant, Alexis. She's an eager young thing, ready to learn and willing to please. She should be a breeze to train.

Thing is, I don't have time to do it myself. I'm trying to put together a few international deals, and I have an office of other women who require my personal attention.

As much as I'd like to oversee Alexis' instruction, it'll take too long before I can get around to it myself.

I wonder if I could send her to you for training? She'd be available to you evenings after work and weekends.

We have a very strict no personal time policy with new hires, but I can't free her up any more than one night per week as quite a few other executives have blocked off requests for her assistance this quarter.

She should be available any weekend you want her, however, as she hasn't yet worked her way up to 'take home to wifey' status in the corporation.

The type of employee I'm looking for is compliant, obedient, accepting of her role in the organization, and well versed in the sexual arts. I'm looking forward to seeing what you can mold her into.


the Personal Assistant
Alexis Image
Model : Casey Calvert
Color : #FF0080  

Attracted to Boys
Attracted to Girls


Reputation Required 2
Training Duration 12


Stat Name Initial Suggested
Sense of Self 0 TBD
Desire 0 TBD
Resistance 100 TBD
Submission 0 TBD


Trigger Possible Yes
Session Threshold 7
Resistance Threshold 10
Trigger Phrase(s) Female employees say yes